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American Homebrewers Association

How to Troubleshoot Homebrew at Your Club Meetings

For the first time ever, my homebrew club, the Maltose Falcons, recorded a session of Troubleshooter’s Corner. Troubleshooting is one of my favorite things we do as a club since it’s a direct service to the members. If you’ve never attended a Maltose Falcons meeting, here’s what happens. The Grand Hydrometer (currently me) gives a […]

American Homebrewers Association

Arkansas Passes New Homebrew Legislation

May 8, 2019 In April, homebrewers in Arkansas successfully lobbied their state legislature to pass new homebrew legislation that amends the definition of homebrewed beer and authorizes a homebrewer to remove homebrewed beer from their household for personal or family use, including organized affairs, exhibitions, competitions, and tastings. Representative Deborah Ferguson (Dist. 51) was lead […]

American Homebrewers Association

10 Award-Winning Recipes for National Homebrew Day

May 7, 2019 In 1988, May 7 was announced before Congress as National Homebrew Day. The date falls nearly a decade after the American Homebrewers Association held the very first National Homebrew Competition in Boulder, Colorado, on May 6, 1979. To celebrate National Homebrew Day and 40 years of the National Homebrew Competition—the biggest beer […]